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Mark's sculptural works are figuratively based, although closely adhering to a gestural nature. Mark's assemblages/paintings, often nostalgic, pertain more to the settings from which his figures originate. Means of support and construction are often difficult to spot within his pieces. "The greatest compliments I receive occur when viewers inquire about my construction methods. Although meaning is important, the process has become paramount." 

Mark has served as a public art educator since 1996, He also spent 8 years as a museum educator for the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art. Currently Mark teaches visual art at Jones County Junior College in South-central Mississippi. Mark has created a number of private commissions for interior designers and corporations, received several juried exhibit awards, and continues to show work regionally.

Additionally, Mark plays several instruments including guitar, bass, and drums. There are a number of original recordings on this site that can be heard. Select "Musical Projects" from the menu.

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